Sunday, June 9, 2013

Top 5 Most Popular Tablet Accessories

Now that you got a tablet, what can you do with them? The Sero7 has been on the market for about two weeks now and some great accessories have popped up in stores. Here are the most popular accessories to enhance your experience with the Sero7. Some of these gadgets are also a must have for people who own other devices, such as smartphones, ipads, and kindles!

1. 64GB Micro SD Card

The first thing you must do when you get a tablet is to look for options on expanding the storage. This means you are able to put more media, such as movies and music as well as apps onto your tablet for consumption. Although the Sero7 lists compatibility of only 32GB SD cards, it has been confirmed that even a 128GB MicroSD works with the tablet. The price of the 64GB high speed micro SD card has been falling recently, and now is a good time to go and get one for your tablet!


2. Tablet Case

Every one hats fingerprints, let alone scratches on your tablet. You should protect yourself early when you get your tablet by getting a case for the Sero7. As we featured the item before in our blog, we like the I-Bason case, specifically crafted for the Sero7 Pro and LT versions. Make sure you get the correct case for your tablet! 

3. A Fast Charger.

This is a must have for everyone. We here at hate to have to wait long to charge all of our gadgets - and we have many. What helps is a high Amp USB charger to cut the charging time dramatically. This new versionby Skiva has many positive reviews and is highly reliable product!

4. Screen Protector!

I don't think this needs much introduction, you need to get yourself a screen protector to protect against finger smears, other items in your bag, or to be able to change them when necessary!

5. Bluetooth Keyboard!

You have to make use of the HDMI on the sero7 by hooking it up to your monitor or even your TV! You can watch Netflix, play your favorite games and write that long email you would not want to write on a touch screen by using a Bluetooth keyboard!

What other accessories do you use for your tablet? Are there any must have that I am missing on the list? I am currently thinking of trying out a wireless HDMI to project my tablet screen onto my projector. Hope this will work!?



  1. I own that Logitech BT keyboard and it is outstanding.

    I own a Skiva charger and not only is it also outstanding, but the blue LED is so bright that it makes a perfect night light in our kitchen! :)

    The wife and I currently have two -Bason cases on the way, one in black for me and one in purple for her.

    Good stuff!

  2. i need to know if i put in a pin code for my home lock how would i get into my tablet if i am locked out