This is a site about the Sero 7 tablet from Hisense. This product was released late May 2013 in two versions, the LT for $99 and the Pro for $149. Although the price point is quite low, the tablet is packed with features. Our love for gadgets made us want to start this site dedicated to this specific tablet. If you have any feedback, please contact us at info@sero7.com with feedback and suggestions 


  1. Is this an official site or a fan-site? If it's the latter, good job.

    1. Has to be a fan-site because of the ads.....

  2. Replies
    1. Delete the "changing the dpi" post. The app Caused me to freaking brick and everybody is commentating on the app with only 1 star.Every body commentating on it had there tablet bricked.Delete it now!!!!

    2. I'm sorry the post you made was referring to a different app,my fault.

    3. Hey Kevin I bricked my Sero 7 LT the same way did you get it fixed? and if so how?

  3. Easy to root the Sero 7 LT. Just go to this site

    You must first allow 3rd party devices to install and USB debugging must be turned on. (both under settings)

    Download, extract, and install the software

    Plus in your tablet, wait until the computer recongizes it.

    Open the software
    1) Go to USB/Scan devices.. this will install the adb drivers...
    2) Then type in the default command that should already be set up.
    "# drop SuperSU su to /system/xbin/su"

    3) And you got root for your Sero 7 LT